The History of Ross Road Community Church

In 1947, as the Clearbrook MB congregation grew, a group of 30 men envisioned establishing a church in the western part of Abbotsford and the eastern part of Aldergrove. This group expanded to around 100 individuals, mostly Ukrainian refugee farmers, who generously contributed either money or time to initiate the construction of East Aldergrove MB church, later known as Ross Road Community Church. During the building process, only the site supervisor was paid, everyone else donated their sweat and time to the building. This was built on Ross Road, the same property we have today. The collaborative effort resulted in a church that aimed to glorify God and foster a supportive community. Although the original structure is gone, a new building now stands, representing several expansions and renovations that have served as tools to facilitate connections among people and with God.


Over the years, Ross Road has remained committed to fostering connections among its members. Pastor Herman Voth, during the 1950s and 60s, highlighted the importance of fellowship by regularly hosting 18 young adults at his house. The church evolved from German-only services to bilingual services in 1959 and eventually transitioned to English-only services, a move aimed at reaching a broader audience with the message of Jesus.  Despite the challenges faced during transitions, Ross Road has consistently prioritized spreading the good news, planting churches, and supporting missionaries globally.


Despite the church's positive trajectory, it has encountered challenges, such as controversies over worship music styles in the 80s and debates about the role of women as elders. These events, along with others, underscore the church's acknowledgment of imperfection and the vital importance of unity to fulfill God's mission. Ross Road's commitment to learning from its past is evident in the Prayer Action Plan initiated in 2017. This comprehensive plan involves renouncing sinful practices, adopting principles, affirming them with Bible verses, and committing to specific actions. The church sees this as a way to continually grow and move closer to its mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.


Ross Road Community Church has a rich history marked by collaboration, challenges, growth, and a steadfast commitment to its mission. The church acknowledges imperfections, learns from past experiences, and seeks to be a welcoming, Christ-centred community as it moves forward.