Becoming a Member

The New Testament does not conceive of someone being a Christian apart from vital membership in a local expression of Christ’s body.  It is for this reason that the Mennonite Brethren have typically valued church membership rather highly. 

Membership in the church is different than membership in other organizations.  In other organizations, the organization exists to serve the members and so membership is often a self-serving paradigm: “how can my needs be met by this group?”  Church membership, however, exists not to primarily serve the individual members of the group (though it does) but to pursue the mission of God in the world.  Members, therefore, recognize that their own personal satisfaction or fulfillment is secondary to Christ’s call upon us to advance His Kingdom in our world.

What does this mean at RRCC?
Membership in the church is a way to cement one's commitment to Ross Road.

 There are four prerequisites to becoming a member at RRCC:

  1. Trusting in Jesus Christ alone as Lord and Saviour;

  2. Believer’s baptism as a public symbol of being in Christ, either at RRCC or previously;

  3. Completing the RRCC Membership Class, and;

  4. A Signed Membership Covenant.

If you’d like more information on becoming a member at RRCC, please contact Pastor Craig!

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