Weekly Encouragement 21

This week Craig encourages us to prayerfully consider how we will bless others this Kick-Off Sunday!

Weekly Encouragement 20

Elder Rick Thiessen encourages us this week to be patient and trust God with what the future holds.

Weekly Encouragement 19

The Bible  +  Disney Princesses = ?????? Find out the unique answer and challenge this question provides by watching Pastor Holly in our 19th encouragement video!

Weekly Encouragement 18

Pastor Bobby challenges us with a funny anecdote this week! What can you do to be refreshing to others?

Weekly Encouragement 17

What fruit can you see growing in your life? Pastor Craig challenges us to reflect on what fruit we are offering, and to ask God to provide more fruit in our lives, so that we may benefit His Kingdom.

Weekly Encouragement 16

Pastor Craig encourages us to think about eternity this week. Having the hope of an eternal kingdom gives us the perspective that God is the only constant in this ever changing and unpredictable world!

Weekly Encouragement 15

Celebration is important! The Psalms are full of songs of celebration for all the mighty things God has done! Pastor Bobby encourages us, this Canada Day, to also remember to celebrate the little things God does in our day to day lives.  

Weekly Encouragement 14

Women's Ministry leader Deanna Nickel shares her experiences with the question 'why do we go through trials and suffering?' and the encouragement she took from 1 Peter 1:3-8!

Weekly Encouragement 13

Pastor Craig challenges us to laugh this week! Join him, Pastor Dave and Pastor Bobby as they share dad jokes in honour of Father's Day weekend! 

Weekly Encouragement 12

Pastor Ellen encourages us this week to embrace our weaknesses because through them God is shown to be our rock and our strength.

Weekly Encouragement 11

Please watch and listen as Pastor Craig encourages us to lament through a topical & prevalent devotional of Habakkuk.

Weekly Encouragement 10

We are blessed to have family from RRCC all around the globe! Listen in as we are encouraged by Helen and her family!

Weekly Encouragement 9

Saji challenges us in our ninth encouragement video to think about what our attitudes and actions are producing in this challenging time! 

Weekly Encouragement 8

Pastor Holly encourages us this week to continually be uplifting and mindful of the people in our lives, especially as we continue to safely social distance!

Weekly Encouragement 7

Please watch and enjoy as Pastor Bobby reflects on our last three sermons, highlighting the different perspectives the Israelites had vs. what Moses had while in the Wilderness.

Weekly Encouragement 6

Pastor Craig encourages us 'to make the best of it' by providing some historical & Biblical insight from the book of James. Challenging all of us to choose joy even in the midst of difficulty.

Weekly Encouragement 5

Pastor Craig encourages us that God is still speaking to us in this time, even when it seems like he isn't. He challenges us to be purposeful in putting ourselves in a position to hear God better because He is always there speaking to us.

Weekly Encouragement 4

Pastor Ellen offers some words of encouragement in this stressful time. Challenging us to take a moment to rest and renew ourselves.


Pastor Bobby leads us through parts of Exodus relating to the uncertainty the people of Israel faced and the steadfastness of God in times of trouble.

Weekly Encouragement 2

Watch & enjoy as Holly leads us through a devotional based around what is happening in the world!

Weekly Encouragement 1

Please watch and enjoy as Pastor Craig leads us through a brief devotional!