Why become a member or RRCC?

If you’ve made RRCC your home church, why not become a member?

Membership cements your identification with our community and your desire to partner with others to advance God’s Kingdom.


The New Testament speaks of the church as a community in which members are mutually accountable in matters of faith and life. They love, care, and pray for each other, share their joys and burdens, and admonish and correct one another. They share material resources as there is a need. Local congregations follow the New Testament example by seeking the counsel of the wider church on matters that affect its common witness and mission. Congregations work together in a spirit of love, mutual submission, and interdependence.

How to become a member

Just a few steps to becoming a member:

  1. Attend a Baptism/Membership class.
  2. Sign the RRCC Membership Covenant, affirming your alignment with our Confession of Faith.
  3. Share your testimony with the elders and then the church.
  4. Get baptized if you haven’t already been.
For further info on becoming a member, please feel free to talk to Pastor Craig.