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This Sunday, we discussed the significance of practicing disciplines. Do you desire to develop a spiritual discipline, but you’re not sure how to get started or what your next step will be? Here are some helpful resources for you to step into the disciplines well.

Bible Study: Start reading the Bible. The YouVersion Bible App has a lot of plans to help you develop this rhythm. Also, join the Discover the Word workshop on Jan 22 and 29th. If you can’t make those times, the materials are available for you to do individually. Some more details here.

Celebration: Check out this article to find out more about the spiritual discipline of celebration:

Community: Invite people into your life.  It may be messy but one of the best ways we can experience God’s love and grace is through close relationships. Invite people for supper, take someone for coffee, or have a board game night.  If you aren’t in a Care Group at Ross Road, join one. Message for more details.

Fasting: This can be all food, a specific food like coffee or sugar, or something more general like Social Media. Start small and work your way up. Use your desire for the thing you are fasting to prompt you to pray and depend on God.  Here is a more comprehensive guide to fasting:

Service: God has created you uniquely to use your gifts and talents to love others. What are your gifts? How can you use them in the church or in the community? If you want to find ways to serve at Ross Road, go to

Silence and Solitude: Life can be chaotic. It can be easy to go through your day without acknowledging God and being aware of his goodness towards you. Silence and Solitude move you away from distraction (i.e. your phone) and help you attune to God.  Go for a slow walk in nature, sit on your deck in the morning, or pause for a few minutes during your day.  Read The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. The Church Library has a copy.

Prayer: What is your next step to better communicate with God. Some ideas are to start a prayer journal to track what you are praying for, to pray through scriptures like the psalms, or to choose a “breathe prayer” that is a one-line prayer that you say throughout your day (I.e. Lord, I need you, be with me). Don’t focus too much on length, quality is better than quantity. The book A Praying Life by Paul Miller is a great resource.  

Worship: Worship includes music but includes other things. This could mean developing your gratitude with a gratitude journal or listening to worship music throughout your day. Also, come to “The Altar” on January 29th at 6:30 PM at Ross Road.