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We women are called to be servants, humbly caring for those in need; warriors, fighting with the strength of prayer and the Word; and ambassadors, reaching beyond our walls to bring more people out of captivity and into freedom. To be able to fulfill our calling, we need to be moulded and refined more and more in the image of our Father with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Perhaps you are currently in a refining process. On May 14th, Ross Road women gathered to worship together and pray for each other and to be reminded about the journey of walking through the fire in order to become more like Jesus.
We enjoyed worship led by Julie Bulawka, and the message laid on the heart of one of our own, Alex Schellenberg who gave a debut message. (See transcript of her message attached if you missed it.) At the same time, we enjoyed laughter and fun mixing. The food, as always, was incredible and the decor set the atmosphere of blessing our women.

A portion of each ticket went to support Peardonville Recovery House for Women and Children. Thank you Ross Road for joining us. Let us continue to gather as women to pray for each other, empower each other, and spur each other on.