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Our desire at Ross Road is to communicate the Good News well, in order to effectively carry out His vision and values through Ross Road and for carrying the love and Gospel of Jesus to our surrounding community.

After several years of process with God's vision and values for Ross Road (presented already back in 2013), we are excited to finally present our new logo. I am thrilled with those who have stepped forward within our church family to offer their talent and expertise.

Ross Road has been called to be His hands and feet within the culture of Abbotsford and beyond. Part of that requires us to be relevant and welcoming to the changing culture but without changing the Good News. For example, gone are the days of the 8-track player, the cassette tape, and for some of us, even the phone landline… Today we are in the days of mp3s, cel phones and social media…yet, the Good News remains.

Jesus came and died for us and rose again! Because of Him, we have freedom to be in restored relationship with Him. Because of Him, there is victory! You’ll notice that there are 3 crosses in our logo, reminding us of Calvary. We also chose a design that was minimal, simple and hopefully timeless for some years to come.

Together, we proclaim!