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We are excited to announce the debut of our Connect Podcast! 

Our first episode, featuring Apologist Michael Horner from Power to Change Ministries, is now available on iTunes and on our website at

What is going to be on the podcast? Who will be speaking?

The podcast will cover a large range of topics, from going more in depth on Sunday's sermon, to hearing about what has been happening in our missions and ministry areas. It could also cover topics that have been pressing on our speakers mind, trials & challenges and words of encouragement.

We hope to have a wide range of speakers, from members of staff here at RRCC to guest speakers from our ministry teams or from our supporting missions (such as Power to Change, MCC, MB Conference, other local pastors)

How often will the podcast be updated?

Our podcast will be updated every few weeks, after the initial recordings and edits have been done. We will also post on our social media accounts when the podcast is available. Check our Sermons or iTunes account for more updates. 

Where can I find the Podcast?

These podcasts will be featured on our sermons page  as well as on our iTunes account.