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 Message from our Elder Team Co-Moderator, Rick Thiessen. 

 During the Sunday Service February 27/22 - 

As Craig has already explained, these past two years have been hard on all of us but particularly those in positions of public leadership. Craig has been open with us as Elders and we have sought ways to reduce the pressure that he feels. Some of the ways include: 

·       Meeting with him weekly to pray with and provide support.

·       Supporting Craig and staff through COVID restrictions

·       Not making decisions too quickly or reacting to external voices 

Over the past few months, we have intentionally sought to support him as he shared the increasing sense of pressure that is beyond what he is able to work through. We have encouraged him to seek out additional professional and pastoral help and guidance from others who have experience in this area. In the end, we as Elders feel it is best for Craig and for us as a congregation for him to take this break. In the meantime, we are asking Bobby to assume the lead role. We met with Bobby on February 28 to determine what his main areas of focus should be. In addition, we are asking our former Lead Pastor, Art Birch, to assist where and when possible. We are fortunate to have Art and Rosabelle continue to attend RRCC and believe they can provide valuable assistance. As we look toward the future, we are also committed to working with Craig to determine how he might best utilize his gifts and strengths to serve this church while balancing the demands of the role of Lead Pastor.  We ask that you continue to pray for Craig and Jenny, for the entire staff and families, and for the Elders as we provide leadership in the interim. I believe we are at a significant crossroads as a church and am trusting that God is preparing us for a new season of ministry that will focus our eyes on the opportunities all around us.