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Soccer Camp Prayer Guide

Day One: The kids will be learning about God's total love for us. Pray that the kids will be receptive to the message and that they will experience God's love while at camp.

Day Two: Today the kids will be learning about listening to God so that they may follow and experience God's good plans for us. Pray that the kids wil be challenged to listen for and obey God's plans for them.

Day Three: Everyone faces difficult things in their life, but the lesson for this session is that even though we may face problems and difficulties God is with us every step of the way and that we can trust in Him. 

Day Four: Today the salvation message will be taught to the kids. Pray for those attending who are not yet believers. Also pray that the message and Holy Spirit will impact the kids and that many of the campers will make the decision to follow Christ.

Day Five: The last day of Soccer Camp will focus on the past lessons the kids have learned at camp. Pray that they will experience God's love, that they will listen to what he has to say to us and that they may know he is always with them and that his love was so great he laid down his own life for us.