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If we need to cancel a service due to bad weather, an announcement will be placed on the church answering machine, the website, and posted on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re in doubt, please check one of these sources before venturing out!


Ross Road Church Cancellation Protocol

The decision to cancel a service or services on Sunday morning will be made by the Property Team, in conjunction with the Lead Pastor and elder team. If a service or services need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. downed power lines in the church parking lot) the first step would be for Peter Koop to contact the property team leader and advise them of nature of the problem present. The property team leader should inspect the church property in person and contact the Lead Pastor to update. The following steps should then be implemented for notifying church members of the cancellation: 

1. If the cancellation is due to weather, the property team leader should inspect the road conditions and church premises by 7:00 am, and then consult with the Lead Pastor & Peter Koop on the decision. 

2. When a decision has been reached, the remaining pastors and office staff need to be notified. Each pastor will be responsible for contacting team leaders in the ministries for which they are responsible. These team leaders shall be asked to forward the cancellation notice to the rest of their team members.  

3. Office staff will use the following communications methods to notify church members of the cancellation: 

* Update the phone system with a recorded cancellation message 

* Send out a mass email to all members on the group email list 

* Update the church’s website and various social media accounts (Facebook,