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Most of us are used to thinking of ‘service’ as a noun when it our weekly church service; it’s something that we go to, something we attend.  In fact, we often equate ‘church’ with the Sunday ‘service.’  This isn’t inherently wrong, but it’s incomplete.  If there’s anything we’ve been forced to confront during this pandemic it’s the church is not a place or an hour on Sunday, it’s the people of God. 

The last couple years we’ve held our Kick-off church service in Pepin Brook as an outreach into the community.  Since we can’t do that, we’ve got another idea that will also get us involved in our communities! 

One Sunday, September 13, the normal date for our Fall Kick-off ‘Service’ we’re not going to hold morning services like normal.  Instead, we’re asking you to see service as a verb and to serve your community!  There are some ideas below, but you can be as creative as you’d like.  Then, in the evening, we’ll gather for a celebration ‘service’ (noun) where we share with one another what we did to serve and sing and study God’s Word together.  What might God do through us as we serve the cities we live in?  

So, to recap:

  • The inability to gather in person has reminded us that we ARE the church; church is not something we ‘go to.’  As such, we represent Christ in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, families, etc.
  • The last few years we’ve sought to hold our Kick-off service in Pepin Brook as an outreach.  This isn’t possible this year.  Instead, we will encourage our church to serve their own communities on the morning of September 13.
  • Instead of a morning service, we’ll hold a Sunday evening worship, and celebration service, sharing with one another what we did to serve others.
  • The goal is that people will engage in service opportunities that will be more than simply a one-time event but a regular pattern of service.
  • Several ideas will be given for how people might choose to serve, but people are encouraged to pursue their own ideas if they wish.  

Here are some ideas of what you might do!  We’ve sorted them based on how comfortable you feel interacting with others in the COVID era: 

More interaction with people:

  • Invite a neighbour over that you don’t know very well to get to know them.
  • Help someone with a household project.
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person and ask them questions about themselves.
  • Brainstorm a service project with your care group that you can do together.  

Medium interaction with people:

  • Cook a meal or bake goods for someone going through a difficult time and deliver it.
  • Knock on doors in your neighbourhood to introduce yourself if you don’t know your neighbours.
  • Deliver flowers with an encouraging note.  

Less interaction with people:

  • Write letters to shut-ins at Tabor Village.
  • Shop for our Food Bank and drop off your donations between 12-1 pm.
  • Go for a prayer walk around your neighbourhood to pray for those that live there.
  • Send some encouraging emails or cards.
  • Pay for the people behind you in the drive-thru.