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Our building permit application for phase 1 of the project is currently working its way through the permitting approval process with the City of Abbotsford. Our hope is that with God’s grace, we will be breaking ground on our building renovation project in late summer/early fall!
This project was not only about bringing our building up to standard – it was about asking God to give us a vision for how He sees our facilities enabling us to be more effective in our community. It was the result of much prayer, many meetings with various stakeholders and staff, and public explanations of concepts being considered. The project was then presented to church members for a vote and was approved.
As Pastor Craig wrote in his letter to church members prior to the approval of the project, ‘Sometimes I consider the legacy of the brothers and sisters who went before us at Ross Road Community Church. I don’t know many of them. But I do see evidence of their legacy through the spiritual foundation that they built and the physical building they left behind. This is an important time for us to build on what has been started, to see how God will use us moving forward as He Extends Our Impact…
This project exceeds anything we’ve done before in scope and cost. That said, taking inflation into account, this project is roughly on par with the sacrifices made by our church members to build our current sanctuary in 1980. The benefits to ministry will last for decades and serve both our present church ministry and ministry to our children and their children and their children.'
How can you be involved in this Extending our Impact Project?

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you might support this project with your finances. More detailed information on the project, including pledge forms, can be found on our church website at You can also find copies of the information booklet and pledge form at the Connect Desk in the church lobby.
We ask for your help in prepping the building for Phase 1. The building contents from just behind the washrooms in the lobby to the north wall of the gym (just before the kitchen) need to be emptied. This includes both the main floor and the second floor. We will need to condense and share the remaining spaces available during the construction phases.

Our church staff will need your assistance in making sure that the following takes place:

  • The Sunday School classrooms impacted by Phase 1 need to be packed up and will be combining spaces with the preschool area.
  • The costume/prop room, along with the craft supply room in Kids Ministry, will need to be packed up and relocated in the building.
  • The Food Bank Ministry will need to be packed up and relocated.
  • The Youth Storage/Equipment room is being relocated.
  • The janitor/Property Team room is being packed up and relocated.
  • The table/chair storage room off the gym will need to be cleared out, with the tables/chairs going into storage.
  • Awana items need to be packed up and relocated to another area of the building.
  • A temporary wall will need to be built in the upper room above the fireside room to separate Pastor Dave’s Instrument Lending Library from the rest of the space.
  • The recording studio will need to be relocated.
  • Two staff members will be moving their offices to another part of the building.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to be in place before we break ground, but we know that with everyone’s help, we can get this done! Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, please contact the office if you have a few hours to spare and can help start with packing or are able to help build a temporary wall in the upper room!