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Our Annual Ministry Meeting is a great opportunity for us to reflect on and celebrate what God has done in our midst and through our ministry in the past year!  It’s also an opportunity for the congregation to affirm elders for service at RRCC, and to commission new ministry leaders. 

Please see below and pay close attention to the instructions below as to how to be involved this year!

On April 21, the BC Solicitor General issued a Ministerial Order allowing societies in BC to hold virtual or hybrid meetings even if their bylaws do not normally permit them to do so.[1]  In light of this, our Annual Ministry Meeting scheduled for May 31 will be held online instead of in-person.  In order to ensure members are comfortable with this arrangement, a motion will be presented at the beginning of the meeting in which members will be asked to affirm the use of a virtual meeting for this year’s AMM.  

Format:  The meeting will take place via Zoom and will also be livestreamed on YouTube. If you have never used Zoom, please go to the following link and test your device: Please note that Zoom is asking all users to upgrade to version 5 and that older versions will not work after May 30 (i.e. the old versions will not work on the day of our meeting).

Preregistration: All members of RRCC are asked to preregister for the Zoom meeting.  Only members will be allowed into the Zoom meeting to preserve the integrity of the voting process.  Non-members are encouraged to watch on the live YouTube stream. Members, please visit the following link to register.  Once you’ve done so, you will receive an email with the link to the meeting.

Registration Link:

If there are multiple members in one household, please register separately if each member can use a separate device (eg. Phone, tablet, laptop).  This ensures each member can vote.  If this is not possible, see voting procedure, below.  

Meeting Notes: Please sign in to the meeting a few minutes early so that you can ensure the technology is working and so that we can sign people in as they arrive.  Arrive as early at 5:45 p.m., the meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. Upon entering the meeting your microphone will be muted, and you will have the option to turn on your video so that people can see you. Instructions on how the meeting will proceed will be given at the start of the meeting.  

Voting Procedure: There are two motions that will require vote by a secret ballot (elder nominations and the Tabor Home Society motion). Voting for pre-registered members will be done via Zoom polls.  A poll will show up on your screen and you simply enter your vote and press the submit button. It is important that members in the same household register separately and use separate devices if possible. If a member does not have access to Zoom or does not have a separate device to participate with, they can watch the meeting via the YouTube livestream and phone or email the church office when prompted, in order to register their vote verbally.  Phone: 604 856 2024, or email  Please email if possible to avoid tying up the phone lines. Voting that does not require a secret ballot will be done by a show of hands.   

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Craig or Pastor Bobby.  

[1] See