The Vision for Women’s Ministry at Ross Road Community Church is to develop a caring community of women devoted to Christ, through:

  • Real Relationships · significant and deepening relationships with one another
  • Christ- Centered Focus · spiritual encouragement and growth
  • Wide-spread Mission · meeting the needs of each other in all seasons of our lives, and of those in our community and around the world

Our Women’s Ministry Core Values:

1. We will purpose to inspire, support and challenge one another as the women of RRCC.
2. We will purpose to provide a framework for a healthy expression and balance of our vision.
3. We will encourage one another in our relationships, spiritual life and giftedness, our ministry and outreach.

Ministry is much more than a program. Any programs or events in which we engage may most certainly change, grow or re-focus as God leads and gives passion and mission to individuals & leaders.

Everything is better together. Come journey with us!