Raising up Godly leaders who impact their world

LEAD is for everyone, not just those who see themselves as leaders. LEAD is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to grow in who God calls each of us to be at home, at school, in the workplace, or wherever God takes us. This journey is about walking with Jesus.   We walk with Jesus best in partnership with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers.

 Jesus transformed everyone around Him who would open their hearts to Him. He called people to Him to grow them together. And He trained them to invite others into relationship with Him and with them so they too could be transformed.   Just as Jesus taught His followers what they most needed to know, LEAD is about mentors and mentees engaging each other in just-in-time learning. LEAD not only brings leaders and learners together, it also offers a wide variety of resources for them to explore together.   We can all learn to lead like Jesus as we sharpen qualities we already have and learn from the experience of others.

LEAD is for everyone.  

Our mission is building into each other to grow God-given potential.

God’s plan has always been that we should know Him and serve Him together in a way that transforms us into godly wholeness.   LEAD is an open door to friendship, purpose, learning, growth, and impact on our world—all for the glory of God.  

Come join us.