Have a question? Would you like to use some of the tech equipment? Contact the a/v department directly at dave@rossroadcc.ca or avteam@rossroadcc.ca.

Guest Media

Dear Guests,

Due to the time needed to process and test your media, we request all media to be received at least by noon on the 3rd working day before your event. This means that typically for an event on a Saturday or Sunday (including the Worship Service) we should have the media by Wednesday at 12 noon. Please contact the church office to arrange delivery of your media. For the best compatability we recommend the following formats as well as keeping your original copies as backup.


Videos are best in a mp4 format. Other formats that usually work are mkv, mpg, mpeg, as well as DVD's. Types of formats that are especially unreliable include mov, avi, and wmv. Streaming can be unreliable so we do not recommend it.


MP3 is our preferred format as other formats can give issues. Audio cd's also work. We request that all files come on a single flash drive or disk. Streaming can be unreliable so we do not recommend it.


Plain jpg or jpeg images are best. If you want music with the slideshow or automatic progression then we recommend turning the slideshow into a video file (see above). Powerpoint, Keynote, or equivalent slideshows rarely look identical on different computers or in different software versions and so are not reliable formats. If you are using one of these programs please export in .jpg format with some identifying name followed by 01, 02, .. etc. (using the topic, date, or speakers name are some ideas eg: "mexicotrip 01.jpg")

Lighting Requests

Any lighting requests that involve more than simply dimming some / all banks of lights should be made as soon as possible so we can come up with a plan for your event.