Extending Our Impact
Building Renovation Project

At RRCC, our mission statement is to ‘help people find and follow Jesus.’  We envision RRCC as a ‘welcoming, Christ-centered community that glorifies God by impacting individuals and families near and far.’  For a variety of reasons, the time is right to discuss how our building can be utilized more effectively to align with these ideas. To review our Extending our Impact information package, our proposed floor plan, or to pledge a donation please click on the links below!

The Elder team, along with a Building Committee, have been working for more than a year to develop a comprehensive renovation and expansion plan for our church building. This is not only about bringing our building up to standard – it is about asking God to give us a vision for how He sees our facilities enabling us to be more effective in our community.

In essence, we believe that God is asking us to extend our impact, by extending…

  • ...our welcome
  • ...our lobby for encounters
  • ...our connect wing for events
  • ...our youth room for mentorship
  • ...our kids zone for instruction
  • ...accessibility to all

We believe that God has great things in store for us as we prayerfully depend on God and His Word, obediently submit to His Spirit, and sacrificially follow the example of Jesus. Please prayerfully consider what kind of contribution you can make to our desire to extend our impact in our city.