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Join our 30-day Psalms reading challenge! Each day, read a few chapters and reflect on how God is speaking to you through them. 

Below is a plan to guide you through, starting on June 9th, when our Psalms sermon series starts!



June 9th: Psalms 1-5 

June 10th: Psalms 6-10 

June 11th: Psalms 11-15 

June 12th: Psalms 16-20 

June 13th: Psalms 21-25 

June 14th: Psalms 26-30 

June 15th: Psalms 31-35 



June 16th: Psalms 36-40 

June 17th: Psalms 41-45 

June 18th: Psalms 46-50 

June 19th: Psalms 51-55 

June 20th: Psalms 56-60 

June 21st: Psalms 61-65 

June 22nd: Psalms 66-70 



June 23rd: Psalms 71-75 

June 24th: Psalms 76-80 

June 25th: Psalms 81-85 

June 26th: Psalms 86-90 

June 27th: Psalms 91-95 

June 28th: Psalms 96-100 

June 29th: Psalms 101-105 



June 30th: Psalms 106-110 

July 1st: Psalms 111-115 

July 2nd: Psalms 116-120 

July 3rd: Psalms 121-125 

July 4th: Psalms 126-130 

July 5th: Psalms 131-135 

July 6th: Psalms 136-140 

July 7th: Psalms 141-145