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Where I am

Week two

Often, It’s not until a few days of rest and recreation that we begin to feel ourselves and what we’re holding. It’s easy to live unaware of ourselves when we’re busy or when we’re playing continual catch-up with work or other responsibilities. But then we stop, and we find ourselves confronted with us.

And there are layers of what we carry — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Rest tends to bring those loads to the forefront. Sometimes it’s exhaustion that we feel; other times, it’s high energy and a desire to keep moving. We may notice a quiet love humming away beneath that surprises us, or the unwelcome presence of persistent anxiety.

Then there’s the circumstantial and relational weights we carry as well. Is our break filled with vocational uncertainty, relational turmoil or strain, financial stress, or a quiet but rising sense that it’s time to make a change?

Whatever our situation and internal disposition, learning to name and acknowledge where we’re at helps us bring our whole, honest, and vulnerable selves to God. Self-assessment isn’t ultimately about naval-gazing or being therapeutic; it’s about communion — bringing all of ourselves to all of God for a richer experience of his presence.

By knowing where we’re at, we can better discover God there and allow him to move us deeper into love.



Where I am


God, meet me



As you reflect on yourself right now, how would you describe your circumstances, your internal disposition, your thoughts, and your body? Take some time to write down how each feels and why.

As you consider how you feel in each of these areas, what are they telling you about what you need, or don’t need, as you enter into this break?

Take some time to invite the Spirit to speak to each of these places. Who might God want to be for you in them? What might it mean to open up these places to him now?

Thank you, Father, that wherever and however I am, you long to meet me, to know me, and to restore me. Come now and make me your home — my mind, my body, and my soul — that we may go deeper together, making me alive in love.


Recommended Reading

If you, like us, love a good book to see you through your break time, we’ve curated a few of our favorites for you in a recommended reading list below.

Searching for and Maintaining Peace
by Jacques Philippe

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly
by Marva J. Dawn

Given: Poems
by Wendell Berry

Abundant Simplicity
by Jan Johnson

Stolen Focus
by Johann Hari

Soul Keeping
by John Ortberg

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
by John Mark Comer


Spiritual Health Reflection

If you would like to take a deeper, more comprehensive dive into where you’re at on your spiritual journey today, Practicing the Waqy has developed a tool to help you called the Spiritual Health Reflection. Our hope is that it can help name some of the places God is working in your life — where you see fruit — as well as spaces he’s inviting you to grow in.

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