Where I've Been

Week One

Throughout Scripture, one of the most common commands to God’s people is to remember — to remember what he’s done for us personally and to remember what he has done throughout history. It’s important we remember because it’s easy to forget. Our brains are naturally wired toward negativity; some of us are more prone to thinking only of the situation we’re presently in.

Remembering is a discipline and an art form. It takes regularly recalling not only what has happened but also who God has been for us.

Yes, sometimes there are miracles and monuments that mark God’s more obvious interventions.
But there are continually little ones, too, like the

provision of food and clothing, a job we haven’t lost, and health we’ve taken for granted. These are all gifts of grace and proof of God’s active involvement in the important details of our lives.

There are also griefs and losses, too, that are important to remember. God isn’t afraid of our disappointments or hurts. He’s not threatened by our remembering them with him again and asking for his presence. Often, in remembering pain, we also see goodness with greater clarity.

In all things, what’s important is who God has been for us this past year. Has he listened, did
his joy sustain you, did his love deepen you, was he quiet in the room of your busy life, or was he knocking persistently on the door of your heart in some area large or small?

Honest remembering recalls God, and doing so prepares us for awakening in the present.



Holy Spirit


Help me remember



Look back over the year so far, working from month to month, and think of the highs and lows. What
events, lessons, or experiences stand out to you?

Ask the Spirit to highlight two or three memories. Who was God being to you in those moments?

If there’s anything left unsaid, or unresolved, be it gratitude and praise or doubt and disappointment,
take time to share them with God, leaving room for him to respond.

Good and Holy Father,
all good things come from you,
and you work all things for
the good of me, in love.
Thank you that regardless
of what I see, you have been
loving and bringing good
in the garden of my soul.


Recommended Reading

If you, like us, love a good book to see you through your break time, we’ve curated a few of our favorites for you in a recommended reading list below.

Searching for and Maintaining Peace
by Jacques Philippe

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly
by Marva J. Dawn

Given: Poems
by Wendell Berry

Abundant Simplicity
by Jan Johnson

Stolen Focus
by Johann Hari

Soul Keeping
by John Ortberg

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
by John Mark Comer


Spiritual Health Reflection

If you would like to take a deeper, more comprehensive dive into where you’re at on your spiritual journey today, Practicing the Waqy has developed a tool to help you called the Spiritual Health Reflection. Our hope is that it can help name some of the places God is working in your life — where you see fruit — as well as spaces he’s inviting you to grow in.

To learn more, visit practicingtheway.org/reflection


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