Dear church family,

During this time of year, as our church focuses on prayer, it's always a privilege to be prayed for!

"Change of plans," "Trip Cancellation," "Pivot"... These phrases and words are becoming all too commonplace during the pandemic. I'm sure all of you are feeling some degree of COVID fatigue. Earlier in summer, I made plans to travel to Pennsylvania for the MASP board meetings and Florida for the Risk Management Network (RMN) meetings. However, with the rising COVID cases and changing restrictions, I cancelled both of these trips. I still was able to participate virtually, but it's not the same as being there. The biggest thing I miss is the relationship-building and idea-sharing that happens spontaneously over meals and breaks. I now have tentative plans to travel to the next RMN meeting in March, but I'm holding those plans quite loosely!

One thing that has taken a significant amount of my time over the past months has been the rollout of our new compensation strategy for missionaries. Our HR Director and I met with almost every missionary and shared about the new strategy and showed them the salary they were eligible for and where they were at with regard to funding in their project. I've also been building new spreadsheets to accommodate the new salary grid. This has been a demanding but also very rewarding time as we (the HR team) do our best to support our missionaries in the area of compensation. 

Karen and I had planned a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary (Jan. 3/22) but ended up cancelling due to the challenges of travel restrictions. So instead, we enjoyed a weekend away at Barnabas Landing in November and a night in Vancouver over the Christmas holidays.

  • Pray for needed wisdom and discernment in my role as HR Administrator and Risk Management Leader. With the pandemic surging again, I need to keep updated with travel restrictions, etc.

  • Pray for the Multiply Board as they search for a new General Director. 

  • Pray for Vic Wiens in his role as Interim General Director.