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After waiting for several things to come about, the past few months have been very encouraging!  

First, we were very encouraged when Dwayne received the file of corrections of the New Testament text that he has been waiting for from one of our translators!  This has enabled him to make needed corrections.  He is waiting on a check of a few last books, then will work through any questions he has with the translators.  Please pray for wisdom, clarity and good internet connections so that this can happen, and that the text can be finalized and readied for publication.  

Second, we were waiting to move forward with helping an injured man, the younger brother of one of our guards, find medical help.  We were thankful to hear from missionaries who work at a Christian hospital several hours south of our town, confirming that this would be a good place for him to go and that the surgeon was back in town.  In mid-December, we provided Sidiki with funds to travel to the hospital and to get his treatment underway.  Since he arrived, they have been treating an infection caused by his injury.  Once healed, they can proceed with surgery to repair his broken leg, an injury caused by a serious accident a few years ago.  Please pray that this will happen soon and that he will be able to regain use of his leg.  Pray that he will gain an interest in learning more about Jesus as he experiences care from Christians at the hospital and hears the Good News for the first time.  

Third, we were encouraged to hear that Helen's dad finally had an appointment at the senior's clinic after a year's wait!  The visits there have gone well and have been helpful in giving us a greater understanding and providing a source of support moving forward.  Please pray that God would provide what we need as we help him.  

We are still waiting for a fourth major item - Dwayne's permanent residency in Canada to be granted.  Some important short-term travel plans related to our work are currently on hold as a result.  Please pray for God's grace and provision for us, and that God would open doors at the right time.  

Thank you for your faithful partnership with us!  

The Rainwaters