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A man who is working as a guard at our house in West Africa alerted us to a family problem a few months ago.  His younger brother had recently come to live with him since he can't work due to a serious leg injury.  In fact, an accident two years ago resulted in both of his legs being broken, but they were never treated due to lack of money.  One leg still has a significant break and is infected.  He is unable to walk or to work as a result and is in a lot of pain.  His needs have become our guard's burden, and we have been brought into the picture, as is often the case.  A few medical missionary friends have seen his leg, but it is clear that extensive surgery will be needed to repair and clean out this old wound.  However, there are few good hospitals in the country that are trustworthy and able to do this type of surgery, none of which are near to where he lives.  We covet your prayers for this man, that God would heal him one way or another.  We are exploring options for him, including a Christian hospital that we hear does good work and is reasonable in price.  Please pray that God would provide the funds needed for this surgery to happen.  

One important aspect of making the New Testament available to people is to make an audio recording of it so that people who can't read can have access to Scripture.  Dwayne will need to be able to return to West Africa for a short time to help see this happen.  Two important things need to happen first, however:  Dwayne's permanent residency in Canada needs to be granted, and the New Testament text needs to be finalized.  We are still waiting to hear about his residency, and we are waiting to hear from the translator who has been doing a final check of the New Testament.  Please pray that God would arrange these details according to His will and perfect timing.  

Thank you so much for your partnership with us! 

The Rainwaters