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We are very excited to report that the text of the New Testament that Dwayne and his translators have been working on for several years to translate is now checked, complete, and ready to be published!  Dwayne is preparing to have the individual books of the NT printed in country so that they can be made available to people soon.  He has developed a phone app for the NT that he will be sharing with local friends and missionaries.  Please pray that God's Word would be widely used and shared among our people! 

Since literacy rates among our people group are low, we hope to see the New Testament recorded in audio form soon, too, with the help of another organization, Faith Comes by Hearing.  Please pray that God would arrange the timing for this and provide all that's needed for this to happen well. 

We are thankful to see how God has provided for some of the local needs that we have had opportunity to help with among people we know in West Africa.  The man whose leg was broken and repaired is healing well and hopes to head home by the end of July.  We were encouraged to hear that the well project for our househelp, which had started two years ago, was completed recently.  Sadly, our househelp and friend of many years passed away a few days later.  She worked hard to ensure that she provided what she could for her family, and we're grateful for the part we could have in seeing that happen. 

Thank you for your faithful partnership with us! 

The Rainwaters