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Dear Ross Road friends

I just got back from an amazing time in Iraq. As you know we were invited there in 2017 to do a peace camp and now 7 years later it is exciting to report that the work of reconciliation continues to move forward in this part of the world where it is so desperately needed. We have partnered with an indigenous Christian leader Samer and we got to meet Omar, a participant of our first camp in 2017. He went away wondering how he could forgive because he didn’t have the strength to.  One day he had a vision of Jesus in white with light coming from his eyes. That vision made him realize that knowing Jesus could give him the strength to forgive. He is now working with Samaritans Purse teaching trauma healing and leading Discovery Bible Studies.  It was exciting to see him 6 years later and see what God has been doing in his life.

Prayer Requests
- Please pray for the upcoming peace camp happening in Iraq Oct. 1 to 5.
- Please pray for our daughter Karis as she has been struggling with anxiety and has had a roller coaster experience during her Freshman year.  
- Please pray for Zander as he has decided to go to WaZu and finishes out his senior year. (WaZu is Washington State University)
- Pray for Kidstown the org that I work with as we have lost some key funding and we will be losing a key staff member. Pray for the org as we continue to navigate ups and downs and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.