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From Lauren King's update in a September service:

"Hi Ross Road, if you don't know me, my name is Lauren King and I have been in Cambodia with my husband as one of Ross Road's missionaries. 
Since 2016 we have seen the ministry in Poipet Cambodia grow exponentially. This year is our transition year out of Cambodia and into the Fraser valley. I want to thank you, my church, for the continuous partnership and support that you have given us, and highlight a few amazing developments that have happened in the last couple years.

While I have worn many different hats while pioneering our ministries in Poipet, the ministry that shines the brightest in my eyes is our online youth development center that took place during covid. In this school countless youth across the country learned simple language skills and leadership skills. Since then over 500 of these same students signed up for online alpha courses with us, and some of those signed up for our Discipleship training school. I want to encourage you, church, that even in the most difficult and confusing times, the Lord still has his plan and will bring it to fruition with us as we serve him! This, I believe, is exactly what happened with us in Poipet. 

Now, Youth with a Mission Poipet has about 7 international staff members and over 24 local Cambodian staff members, two of which are active leadership members. This ministry is still going strong, and Conner and I continue to cheer them on as we look forward to what God has for us in our next season.
So what is next for us?

Conner will be taking part in a pastoral internship and master's program here, and I am looking forward to the next ministry or organization that God has for me. 
Ross Road, We cannot thank you enough for your partnership in making Poipet a thriving ministry hub for Jesus. Thank you, and God Bless."