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Hello Ross Road family!

Thank you for your support and prayers for us as we are journeying through the very different processes of transitioning into the western world. We are grateful for the messages, generosity, and prayers that you have given us and continue to give. Right now, we are on the Central Coast of California with Conner's family, dedicating this sabbatical time for rest, counselling, hearing from the Lord, connecting with and serving Conner's home church, and some fun and quality time with dearly missed family. 

This new change has changed our world upside down but has brought us into a closer and deeper relationship with our Father. Taking time to plan for the future with the Lord has proved to be a precious and blessed season. As Conner prepares for his pastoral internship and Master's program in Canada, we are anticipating what God has for us next. 

Please pray that we would not lose sight of God's words to each of us in this season and for the next. Please also pray for ease of transition and that we would connect with new and old friends once we make the move to Canada. 

Thank you, and God bless you! We are looking forward to seeing you all,
Lauren and Conner King