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On Tuesday when Dr. Mehin (Orthopedic surgeon) told me that my CRPS was not only classic but very serious, and that a hip replacement should never be done by any surgeon, he set me up for a miracle. All I was left with was a grim future and walking was not part of it.

After coming home with this crazy news, Amanda urged me to come to Spirit Cafe at their church on Saturday. I was absolutely up for any prayer for healing I could get. The pain each day was making it harder and harder to walk and get up the stairs. The bone marrow edema was getting worse. CRPS randomly attacks bones this way. But because of the lack of cartilage and a fully torn labrum the MRI showed that the bone ends were bleeding and bruised.

Well!!!! Saturday April 1st, at 3 pm I painfully limped into the River church. and there was Jesus!! A kind, gentle, compassionate woman full of peace looked me in the eyes and told me she would take me to the people who would pray for me. I told her, “I just came here to touch the garment of Jesus, and I see HIM brilliantly reflected in you.”

Then I met the people who prayed for me. The person on my left sandwiched my hand in his large shaky hands, it was cool, his shaking seemed to be releasing my fear of disappointment, failure, criticism, and a judgemental spirit that so often has attacked me from the religious crowd. And then I felt the fear and curse of this disease leave.

The prayer stopped abruptly because a timer went off. I stood up, and was in shock… I had NO PAIN!! I started walking back and forth around the church LAUGHING, I was oblivious to the many others in the room getting prayed for. I was just in awe!! I couldn’t believe it. Amanda was thrilled, she could see I no longer had that limp. We were all laughing and laughing is was so crazy.

Sunday I could lift up Shiphrah with out sharp pain shooting down my legs. I could even lift my leg to the side to get into the car.

The next day when I went for my swim I could walk straight to the length lane and get down and sit on the edge of the pool. I have never done that since getting this disease 5 years ago. Always used the handicap entrance. My friends were shocked! AND at the end of my pool therapy time I got out the pool by pulling myself up and standing all on my own with out any supports. I’m still in shock!!!

A couple days later I was examined by one of my specialists, the doctor who coached and trained me to run into my miracle 21 1/2 marathon. I told her the whole story about meeting Jesus at the church and how God healed me. Her eyes were so huge!! And she was laughing hilariously as she examined my legs. She looked up at me, and said, “Don’t cancel your appointment with the next surgeon, he has to hear and see this story”.

God is so good!! But it was in the depths of suffering that I first truly experienced the Love of the Father. Then I watched Him change my pain through the prayers of the saints. Constant Muscle cramp downs started to release after a few years. God touched my paralyzed arm and hand so I could cut vegetables, swim a strong breast stroke, and in the last year ride a bike! And I praise God for the prayers for my great team of doctors and specialists that received God’s wisdom in how to train me and give me the right nutrients!

GOD IS GOOD! To all HIS kids! Even in the midst of suffering.