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We are doing well.  However, some big changes are underway for us.

On August 4th, Judy’s disabled mom (Lillian MacPherson) received notice that she could move to a care home in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  On August 31st, after a long road trip, we successfully transferred her to Northwest Community Lodge in Meadow Lake.  We praise Jesus that it has worked out very well for her, and she loves her new home.

To help facilitate the role of primary caregiver, in early October, Judy and I also plan to relocate to Meadow Lake.  We will be moving into our son Jon & Ashley’s home, cohabitating with them until they are able to complete the move to a property they have purchased outside of town.  

While this is happening, we have no intention to slow down with GNI responsibilities; we have speaking engagements arranged in two churches in Saskatchewan and in November, we plan to lead a short-term team to Thailand.  There remains much to do in developing ministry overseas as well as keeping our ministry fully operational in Canada.  We are working out how best to make this transition happen.  Judy and I plan to make regular trips to BC to facilitate ministry as needed.

Thank you, Ross Road Church! We appreciate your prayers and support as we make this transition and look forward to visiting with you again in the near future.

Blessings in Jesus,
Rob & Judy Griffioen