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Dear Ross Road Church Family,

Our hearts are full of gratitude as we see the love of Jesus grow in the hearts of our leaders. It’s that same deep joy that grows in a parents heart when your children walk with God and are excited to make Christ known where ever they go. Our partners in Myanmar do just that as they have been sharing the gospel in near by villages. As a result of their Christmas outreaches one village has turned to Jesus and another is in process of turning to God. We now have an evangelist that will continue to disciple these people as they grow to know Jesus.

God is so good! We see the pure faith of our partners and how they trust God for everything in their lives. When Sion, (who is providing refuge for 25 children with His wife Apem in Myanmar), shared about the need for them to build a dorm for the 16 growing boys, he explained it was time to keep them separate from the girls in their house. Then in faith he started the foundation with his little savings, and trusted God total. Just before Christmas a builder approached us wanting to give to a project he wasn’t even aware of yet. He gave Sion the total amount and told him to build it larger than what the original plans were. Our giver had faith that other builders would also want to help toward this cause.

God is so faithful to meet all our needs, and yours! This month GNI is doing a ‘Move Campaign’, encouraging people to make a ‘Move’ goal for 40 days and carry it out to encourage Judy in her pursuit to lower the pain levels of CRPS through exercise. When Judy started her goal, it was 40 days before she and Rob would be leaving for Thailand, and her request was to raise her travel costs. We are almost there through people sponsoring a dollar or two towards the 40 kilometres Judy is swimming before she leaves.

Please continue to pray for increasing joy, peace and grace to shine over all our leaders and partners in the gospel. Ask God to pour out His strength, disciple, and clear message of truth as they make Jesus known wherever they go, especially to those they have in their homes. Pray for the harvest to come in like never before. 

-We (Rob and Judy) will be flying to Thailand on February 11 for two months. Praise God with us as we do this trip in faith, knowing God will help keep pain levels at bay.

-While in Thailand, we will be bringing our partners together for a discipleship training program. Pray that they will learn how to make disciples that also make disciples and that this will be a tool they can all use to grow deeper in their faith.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and the love you show us!
Judy and Rob Griffioen