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Thank you church family at Ross Road, we deeply appreciate your partnership in the gospel!  Our time in Thailand has been very foundational and exciting as we’ve seen much spiritual growth in our leaders and the children they care for. Their longing to know Jesus more deeply blesses us greatly!  We have been able to get some newly translated Foundations for Living discipleship materials into their hands in the hope that this simple and clear discipleship tool will help establish spiritual growth for many new believers, both in Thailand and in Myanmar. 

We have begun a new monthly scripture challenge for everyone in our ministry sphere, both young and old. This month they have been challenged to memorize Psalm 103.  When they memorize the chapter,  they will be given the opportunity to share how God spoke to them through His Word and how He is transforming their lives.  (We plan to send a gift to each of the kids in Thailand and Myanmar who do this!).

Some prayer points are:

  • Pray that our Thai friends (and those in Canada who are joining us) will all become powerful warriors in Christ Jesus, and be bold in sharing their faith and declaring God’s message of Hope! 
  • Pray for God’s protection for Sion and Apem’s children as they have just returned to school after 2 years with no education.   Only children in grade 7 or under from their home are back in school as things in Myanmar remain volatile due to the civil war.   This is a huge concern for our partners Sion and Apem and they deeply appreciate your prayers. 
  • Judy is preparing to run a half-marathon in Invermere in August.  Being able to run is a huge blessing for her but her CRPS makes it a challenge.  Pray for God’s blessing and that she will be able to run her race in the joy of the Lord.
  • We have been truly blessed to be back in Thailand.  There is no end to opportunity for ministry development here. Pray for God’s blessing on our return (mid-June) and resettlement in our home in Abbotsford.  Judy’s mom was recently hospitalized and there remains much to do in providing care for her.

Blessings in Christ,

Rob & Judy Griffioen