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Friends and Family,

Thank you for your consistent prayer and support. Hearing that you have been praying for our ministry and our family is an encouragement to us.

In August I send out a report about the short term Mission trip Stephanie, Madison, Hudson and I went on in July to Mexico. It was a blessed time sharing the gospel door to door and in the prisons. While we were in Mexico we served alongside Missionaries named Valdemar and Irma who serve with Discipleship International. They took some time with our group to tell us about their upcoming 3 month mission to Cuba to work with churches and support discipleship in Cuba. About three weeks ago at missions week in our church in Salmon Arm a Missionary from Cuba shared about how people are calling out to God at this time, in Cuba, as the country is facing great hardships and the great need for discipleship in Cuba. After he finished sharing I approached him and asked him if he knew the person that Valdemar and Irma were serving with in Havana. It was a man he had known for many years, I contacted Valdemar and the two of them are going to connect about partnering in discipleship in Cuba. Praise the Lord as He makes connections globally to build His kingdom. We are currently considering going to Cuba on short term Missions to support the work of discipleship there. Please pray with us for wisdom and direction in this. It would be a blessing to connect our work with Discipleship International to our local church’s missions in this way.

The India online ETS group of pastors completed book 4 of the 6 books of the ETS course. Unfortunately we are not continuing at this time. The translator in India who was translating for me left the organization we partner with and is not continuing with the group. There was another person willing to translate, but they are busy leading another group and connecting everyone together has been very difficult. I am praying that the pastors will be able to connect with others who have completed the training in India and complete the course. Some of the pastors have started discipleship groups in their villages and support for them would be good. The first four books of the series are in many ways the most foundational to spiritual grown and evangelism. Pray for these pastors as they continue to disciple their congregations and share the gospel in their villages. I have been approached about leading an online group in Kenya, in english, and the details are being worked out now. Please pray for the details of that group to be worked out.

Please continue to pray for us as a family and for the work of making disciples. Pray for our kids that they would grow and stand firm in their faith and be a light to those around them at school. Pray that the Lord would start an ETS group here in Salmon Arm.

The Shellborns