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Dear Ross Road family,

            As always, thank you for your prayers. In education (as in life, I suppose), we don’t always get to see the fruit of the seeds we plant, like with the three students I last asked for prayer for. However, I trust that God is working in Keeara and Rubi’s lives, just as we are starting to see growth in Joel. It is slow going, as growth tends to be, but it’s promising to see nonetheless, and a welcome reminder that God answers when we pray. Please keep praying with me for these three students in particular. They will all be graduating in the coming year. Please pray that in the pressures and challenges of this school year, they will be pushed closer to Jesus.

            On a more personal note, I was able to come back to Canada this summer. I am thankful to have had so much time in person again with family and friends, and it was good to see some of you a couple of weeks ago at church! If I missed you, I’m sorry.

            My final news item is that, with the support of Doulos, I’ve begun a master’s program in education in modern languages. I’m currently in Montreal for a three-week class, and the rest of the program will be online. I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn how to better serve my students as they learn language, be that English at Doulos, or perhaps another language or in another place down the road. Please pray for wisdom for me, as I learn to balance another thing into my life. Pray that my relationships with God and with those around me will remain strong and keep growing. Finally, please pray that God will be glorified in me, no matter what.

            Bisous! (A French goodbye. A Biblical equivalent would be that I greet you all with a holy kiss, I think.)