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Dear Ross Road Church,

Greetings from Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic! If I may copy a line from some of Paul’s writing, may God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

At Doulos Discovery School, we are preparing final activities and will wrap up the school year in the next month. It is rewarding to see the progress students have made this year, but students and teachers alike seem to be reaching their limits. That said, I ask for your prayers for our staff. Please pray that we will remain close to God, seeking His strength in our weakness to finish well. Pray for us to have patience, wisdom, and love for our students, especially when we’re most exhausted. 

I also ask that you would pray for our students. In fact, I often avoid sharing specific cases with names, to protect the privacy of my students. However, there are three in particular (in my grade 11 class) who have been on my heart a lot lately, and I would appreciate your prayers for them, too. 

Joel’s dad is an atheist, and his family is driven by ambition and success. This semester, Joel was pushed to defend a Christian perspective in a class debate. It was a challenge for him to consider - and defend - something he didn’t believe in, but it seems to have opened, or started opening, his mind to consider Jesus as the Truth. Pray that he would choose to ‘go all in’ and commit his life to Jesus.

Keeara is a staunch atheist, and the lifestyles modelled by her close family are what one might call ‘alternative’. She doesn’t ‘fit’ at Doulos, according to her worldview, but she’s still at our school anyway. Please pray that her heart would soften towards Jesus. Pray that she would know that she is loved and accepted as she is. Pray that she may accept Jesus in return.

Rubi grew up in a Christian home, but something in the last couple of years has flipped a switch in her, as it were. Where she used to be quiet, she now seems angry; where she was shy, she is now frequently defiant. It seems she has rejected the Christianity she’s seen around her and is only putting up with what she has to until she can leave Doulos. Please pray that she would truly meet God. Pray against the lies that she is believing as truth. Pray that her heart would soften towards Jesus once again.

Thank you for praying!