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Dear RRCC family,

Greetings from Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic!

We’re wrapping up the school year here as I write. The last few weeks have been a celebration of a lot of hard work this year and also some good growth. Our students are maturing and growing, not just as human beings (although that’s great!) but many of them as Seekers of Christ as well. Praise God!

I, too, have been growing, particularly in my understanding of discipleship and the reasons I do what I do as a teacher. As this school year wraps up and some of my students move on, I’m starting to think about how I can start off next school year to be even stronger in discipling my students intentionally. I’m excited for the fresh opportunities that will come up!

A few prayer requests:
-    That the seeds planted in the hearts of our grade 12 students would not die but would come to fruition in God’s perfect timing. Not all of them have chosen to follow God with their lives, but they’ve all heard His Good News loud and clear. Please pray also for those who have chosen to follow God, to stay strong as they face new challenges in their next steps.
-    That we teachers would finish our last few days of the school year well, and that we would rest well over the summer to be fresh and energized for the new year in August.
-    That God would provide the right people for gaps we still have in our staff for next year. I’d appreciate prayer specifically for someone to take my current position so I can shift to teaching English to our Spanish-speaking staff.

Thanks for your prayers! I see them answered, often in little things, and I am so grateful that I’m not in this work alone.