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PR*Y FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES - Nowadays, I am in Moldova serving the refugees. I see firsthand how the forgotten Ukrainian crisis is still changing many lives. As I am spending this week bringing help and training the volunteers and ch*rch workers, I am reminded once again of the importance of interceding for the "least of these." Please continue to bring the needs of the Ukrainian refugees to the Throne of Grace.  

Elections on May 14 - As the election date is getting closer, the general population's stress is getting even higher. It seems like everyone is waiting for a change but is aware that a peaceful change of regime is quite unlikely. Pr*y for G*d's intervention, pr*y for the good of the region, pr*y for peace and reconciliation. 

Earthquake relief - As many organizations are wrapping up their humanitarian work, a lot of suffering and needs still remain. People have lost close relatives and, in many cases, everything that they owned. Pr*y for the local ch*rches to continue their impact and for the holistic outreach. Let's continue pr*ying for a great harvest.

School Closure and Online Teaching - Many of you have been pr*ying for N and my teaching and counselling m*nistry in the m*ss*onary school. Unfortunately, several days ago, we received difficult news: the school is closing for the foreseeable future. The building was deemed unsafe in case of earthquake, and it will need to be reinforced for the continuation of any school activities. The training will continue online for the next period.
This is difficult news for the over 200 children of m*ssionaries and Chr*stian workers studying at this school. Although some of the courses are now going online, many programs had to close. We hope and pr*y that the school will continue to serve the ex-pat miss*narry community as soon as possible.

Please pr*y for N and me as we continue serving at this school. Pr*y for students, parents, and for a quick resolution of building issues.