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Praise God for his faithfulness. Pray for Aire, Nui and their son Bon who meet at my house once a week for dinner and Bible study. We are praying that they will eventually start a small cell church in their neighborhood, among family who are all still Buddhist. 
Aire and Nui were baptized in April, and Bon is close to surrendering his life to Jesus. Pray also for his Bon's girlfriend, that she will start coming to Bible study. 
Pray for Aire's mom, who is getting old and physically struggling, that she will come to know Jesus.

Thank you for all the prayers for Piaow, who recently had surgery to remove growing Keloids. She is doing great and is back in school. We are praying for complete recovery and for her to continue to grow in her faith. Very grateful for the team of doctors she had and for all the donors that made this surgery possible!

Pray for the latest refugee family from Myanmar. Just after they arrived, their daughter, who has a 5-year-old son, died. They are now raising their grandson along with their 9-year-old boy. They live and work on Shalom farm, where they hear about Jesus every day. 

Please pray for the remaining funding to come to build the much-needed housing on the farm. 

The juvenile Detention Centre has been open since September. Chute and Miele (who have been discipled and trained since they were released two years ago) go in with me as part of the skills training team. Last month 4 girls prayed to receive Christ. 

Our Bible study team was also recently given permission to start again; we have gone in three times now. There are currently 17 girls inside.

Praising God for the recent conference for all leaders and interns from our MB churches/church plants across Thailand held in Chiang Mai. It was very encouraging. 

Thank you for praying for those devastated by all the recent flooding. We are grateful to have been able to help by giving away lots of dried food goods. 

Finally, please pray for Maceo in school; for continued health, energy and balance for me in the growing ministries in Chiang Mai with our MB Multiply projects and church planting. There are many changes coming that I need wisdom, discernment and vision from the Father to help navigate. 

Thank you, Ross Road family, for your encouraging ongoing prayers. May God be praised and honoured! May His Kingdom continue to grow here and in Thailand.