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Hello Church,

It has been a very full few months at Young Families! We have hired 2 new staff who are in the process of fundraising and are hoping to have enough to start at least part-time in September. I have been given a supervisor role with one of the new hires, which I am a bit nervous about. Pray as I enter this new role, because it holds a bit of tension for me. I know I have the skills and gifts to be a good supervisor, but that role also takes away from the amount of time I get to do youth work, which I love!

Below are many prayer requests. The young people we work with have big things happening in their lives right now. It has been an honor to be part of these things, whether good or difficult. Please pray for them, for our team and for me as we figure out what supporting them holistically looks like in each individual matter. We are seeing friendships forming and flourishing and we are developing a depth of relationship with the families that we haven’t seen in a couple of years! It is beautiful to see, and we pray that it continues!

  • -  T is pregnant with her 1st, trying to hold excitement and nervousness at the same time

  • -  A is pregnant with her 2nd, and has a toddler. She is exhausted

  • -  M is fundraising to go to Rwanda to see what Youth For Christ Rwanda is doing at the

    schools they run there

  • -  N is finishing high school

  • -  K just had her 2nd baby, her family is doing well at adjusting so far!

  • -  J has a messy co-parenting relationship, both parents need prayers for peace and to

    come to a solution that will work for all parties, and that will benefit their child

  • -  Z is trying to find work, find childcare, is going back to school, trying to co-parent

    peacefully, and has almost no family support here

  • -  G is trying to juggle 3 young kids, work, and the passing of a parent

One last note: We try to offer the young moms diapers and wipes every time they come to program if they need them, so we are constantly in need of those items. If any children in your life have grown out of a size of diapers and you find yourself with a complete sleeve or box of them please contact me! We don’t necessarily need full boxes to keep our supply up (though those are helpful too!) Any size, any brand is helpful. The ones that tend to go the quickest are sizes 3, 4 & 5 of Rascal and Friends.

Thank you again for how you support me in this ministry!