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We are doing well by God’s grace and moving forward with the vision God has put in our lives. We have been blessed to have opportunities to share and encourage churches to be on mission and also had the privilege to offer training in Ross Road Church last month. We, as a little group, meet weekly for prayers and worship, and we also have a monthly prayer gathering every last week of the month (This month, it’s on 18th November). We are also planning for some Christmas events to invite the people for dinner, those we have met so far being in Canada.

There are some challenges, too, but God is faithful, and we are glad to be living by His Spirit.
Prayer points:
1. Our Family to grow more and more each day in obedience to His call. Our health and all the needs.
2. Our kids and their education. Wisdom from God. Safe from all unwanted and evil they see and hear around them.
3. Open doors of opportunities in the community for outreach.
4. Churches coming together for God’s kingdom breakthrough. Every believer to be on mission with whatever God had gifted each one with.
5. Christmas program to be done according to God’s will.
6. Our connections with people to get stronger, and people be open to hearing the gospel.
Thank you 
In Christ the King