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Recently, I was invited by a man from one of our churches here in Abbotsford, who responded to our invitation to meet with any neighbors or coworkers. I met with 2 Punjabi women at their workplace and their questions were interesting. They asked why I left Sikhism and became a Christian. The Holy Spirit led me to share about my grandfather who was in search of truth, when he found out that is not good works that saves us, but the grace of God that saves us, he accepted Jesus as his Savior. He was then discipled throughout his life to follow and grow in the way of Christ. They also asked a question about who Jehovah’s Witnesses are and why they come? These women could not tell that they are a sect and not true followers of Jesus Christ. They said their neighborhood talk about why these “Christians” come to their homes. They shared they feel pressure from these visitors to accept their teachings. They are open to relationship more, than to someone unknown to them sharing a version of truth. Relationships are always a door to sharing the gospel.
We are in a connecting and sharing the gospel stage in our work. We are thankful for all the open doors of new friends who don’t yet know Jesus. We have lots of meals together, with them, prayer and worship times in their homes. We continue to meet Sat nights with a core group of believers who we have worship and disciple together. We enjoyed having a picnic together with this group in Chilliwack by a riverbed.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our friend, “A”, a widow, who is experiencing opposition from her son with whom she lives with. He opposes Christianity as a “western religion” and does not understand his mother’s commitment to Jesus. Please pray for a softening of heart towards the Lord.
Please pray for Brother “MS” who is not yet a follower of Jesus, a devout Sikh, as I meet with him for coffee. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open his eyes to the truth of Jesus and give dreams and visions to this young man.
Please pray for Brother “HS” who is a follower of Jesus but has not taken baptism because of opposition from his wife and family. He is open to being discipled which for a Sikh background believer is important because he is being accountable for his growth and remains strong in his walk with the Lord. This is not an easy thing to experience daily persecution from your family because of your faith.
Please pray for unity among the body of Christ to be committed to outreach, especially when it is focused on Punjabi outreach. This requires consistent prayer in breaking down the barriers that have existed for over 100 years since the Punjabi community have come to Canada. We believe that there need to be bridges built and we know many are trying to do this, every effort we are thankful for.

Thank you for partnering with us in the Gospel and praying for God's Kingdom to come here in our cities.

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