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Dear Ross Road church family,

As I write this email, I'm on my Sabbatical - graciously given to me by Multiply - and taking in the beautiful view of the Austrian countryside outside our place here in Piberbach, Austria. We've been here for just over a week now and are looking forward to several more weeks in this country where we served over 25 years ago. Unfortunately, Karen got COVID during our travels and so she has been in quarantine for over a week. She's looking forward to getting out of isolation soon! I'm thankful that I haven't been infected even though we are living in the same space. We're also thankful that Karen didn't get super sick and that she is feeling quite a bit better now. 

One of my goals for this Sabbatical in Austria was to ride on the great bike paths that are everywhere here. I have the privilege of using Dave Berg's road bike and have enjoyed 4 bike rides so far. Another goal was to reconnect with Austrian friends and we are thankful for how God has given us some great opportunities to meet with people so far, although it has been much more limited due to Karen's isolation. I'm writing this on Saturday, July 16th and we'll be heading to Steyr tomorrow to join our Multiply missionary, Sarah Reed, as she preaches in the church service. After the service we look forward to going out for lunch with Sarah and the pastor couple. We're looking for God's guidance as we set up meetings with many others that we know from our time living here.

One of the books I'm reading on my Sabbatical is "How to Hear God - a simple guide for normal people" by Pete Greig (the founder of the 24/7 prayer movement and Lectio 365). I'm finding this book very balanced and helpful and would highly recommend it to each of you.

Thanks for your continued prayer support. Here are a few items for prayer:

Praise God for His strength and help during the MINA retreat in Winnipeg where I was involved in helping with some worship, many good conversations with missionaries and facilitating discussion in a couple sessions.

Praise God for this opportunity to be on Sabbatical in Austria!

Pray for God's clear guidance as we set up meetings with people and seek to be an encouragement to them.

Pray for Karen's restored health and that I would stay healthy.

Pray for refreshment and renewal during this Sabbatical.

Pray for Karissa and Natasha as they stayed back in BC; that they would be able to support each other well and enjoy this summer.

Here's a more recent family photo and one from our stopover in London.

Al Stobbe