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Thank you for the privilege of being supported by my church family. I started in my role at Multiply over 15 years ago now, and Ross Road has stood behind me in prayer and finances for the majority of that time. 

After a full year of travel, it has been nice to not have any trips planned until March, when Karen & I will travel together to Thailand for the Asia Summit (a retreat for our missionaries serving in Asia). I'm so glad that Karen can join me on this trip since it happens to take place during Spring Break when she isn't working. Pray for all the details of this Summit to come together and that it will be a good time of hearing from God, worshipping Him, praying, learning and connecting with our missionaries.

One of the new programs at Multiply is called Focus Internship. I was able to help with some training with the Focus Interns in October. These interns are currently on assignment in places like SE Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Canada. I am helping them with their finances on an ongoing basis. Pray for these interns as they discern God's call on their lives, and for me, as I help them with budgets and reimbursements.

Budget season is just around the corner at Multiply, and that means extra work for me in preparing budgets to send out to our missionaries and then processing them once they are returned.

This past week I took part in Crisis Management Training (online). This 3-day course was a refresher for 2 of us from the Risk Management Team and brand new for one other team member. Pray for wisdom in my role leading Risk Management at Multiply.

I'm thankful for how well our new General Director, Bruce Enns, is adjusting to his new role. Pray for him as he leads a process of review and development of core values for our organization.

I'm also thankful for a good Christmas break and that Karen and I could spend a good amount of time with our girls.

Thanks again for praying!

Al and Karen