Thank you so much for your prayers for us in these past few months during our recent trip back to West Africa!  We have so much to be thankful for!  

  • God gave us and the Ross Road team safety in our travels and made it possible for our family to take in-country flights with Mission Aviation Fellowship for the first time!  
  • In spite of the fuel depot explosion and resulting fuel crisis in the country, God provided the fuel we needed at the right time.
  • We were blessed to be able to see local friends again and explain why we hadn't returned and couldn't stay.  It was really good to see people again.  
  • We were able to sort through our things and clear out the house we had rented in West Africa for nearly 18 years!  It was a huge, often overwhelming job, but God gave us strength and help to see this through.  We were also able to sell our vehicle in West Africa a few weeks ago.
  • The team from Ross Road was a tremendous help and encouragement exactly when we needed it!  Their help with moving furniture, cooking, dismantling solar equipment, making some repairs and doing some painting was far beyond what we could have done otherwise, and made it possible for us to accomplish what we needed to do.  Their coming also provided extra luggage space for us, which was really helpful for moving some things back here with us.
  • The audio recording of the New Testament was completed in January and happened well!  We look forward to it being ready to distribute later this year.
  • For God's grace and protection during the extra time Dwayne spent in West Africa, while Helen kept things going at home.  
  • Helen's dad did well in our absence with the friends God provided to stay with him, and they enjoyed their time with him.  

The fasting month of Ramadan began a few days ago, involving not eating or drinking during daylight hours.  Eating happens at night, which means people are extra tired in the day.  This is a time of camaraderie in communities like where we lived, and for our local friends, as they suffer together, and there is peer pressure to conform.  It is also hot season right now, though, with 40+ C temperatures this week!  Please pray that God would give people dreams and visions of Jesus at this time, as they are more open spiritually.  Pray for many would be drawn to seek and follow Jesus.  

Thank you,

The Rainwaters